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The Hundert – Female Startup Founders Europe

The Hundert – Female Startup Founders Europe


I’ve been a professor, a consultant and a manager at different points in my life, so the natural next step was for me to become an entrepreneur. I was fed up with reading newspapers talking about Italian structural weakness in mathematics with no proposals for solutions. It was also the right time to start giving something back to my country. My passion drove me to start a business that could potentially have some real impact in Italy, both now and in the future: a startup in STEM education!

I love to make things happen and demonstrate that impossible is nothing. I also feel the urge to give a positive example to my daughter and son and to the next generations, being a lucky woman from Generation X myself.

I have my husband and supportive friends to thank for continuing to motivate and stand by me during the startup journey. I vow to never stop learning, and this proves to be my recipe for success!

Q: What gives you power?

A: Passion, curiosity and smile!

Chiara Burberi, 49, feels lucky to have been born in Milan, Italy. After her graduation and PhD in Business Administration in Bocconi and the CEMS Master, she decided to start working as Associate Principal with McKinsey & Co. and as a top manager in UniCredit Group. She is also a Non-Executive Director in listed and unlisted companies. Chiara is the co-founder, president and CEO of, an EdTech company founded in 2013 that focuses on gamifying STEM subjects.

This article was published in ‚the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe‘, May 2016.