STEM is our future!…What does STEM mean?!

Education, the investment in human capital, is key to the overall growth strategy of a country, along with healthcare, food and energy policies.

In an increasingly tech-driven world, STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math –  subjects should be at the core of a forward-looking approach to education, oriented to crafting globally competitive individuals, able to react and manage the unknown and uncertain future. STEM is education for global leadership.

Being Italians, struggling to improve and looking at other countries from our uncomfortable seat located “Statistically significantly below the OECD average” in the 2009 PISA test results, we seem to forget that STEM should have a key role in education, starting from school.

Things are moving fast abroad, as in the US, where they are so worried to loose their leadership that they recognize clearly the value of education in innovation and act accordingly. More evidence comes from Singapore that, sitting comfortably on top of PISA rankings, considers the correct approach to a STEM-driven education as a “strategic journey”.

In Italy the real innovation in education is coming from the unconventional makers’ perspective, trying hard to step inside schools from the curiosity-triggering “technology door”.

STEM is finally becoming cool in Italy too… of course, the Italian way!


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