One pill of maths a day...

Redooc is Vitamine E, like Education, for the growth starting from math

Redooc is for teens who say:
“I’m bad at math!”
“I have no idea what this means!”
“I’m never going to use this!”

Redooc is an edtech (education technology) & content provider that will help learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subjects through games, starting from high school math (the base of all STEM subjects), through an online portal.

Redooc (Rethink Education!) is an innovative project which thinks of education in Italy in a innovative way starting from the needs of students (How do they learn? What do they enjoy doing? How do you get them ready for university? What do they need for work?) and the new learning methods (learning by doing, flipped classroom, etc.). Redooc is focused on STEM subjects, our opportunity to be a part of the advancing world, revisited with a creative approach and the addition of Art, therefore STEAM. Creativity is Redooc’s philosophy, which is found in the contents (e.g. simplified theory with hands-on examples taken from everyday life) and in the program itself (e.g. the approach of gaming in all the online portal’s activities).

Redooc wants to follow this approach to rethink education valuing Italian creativity, part of our national DNA.
Adding Art and Creativity the STEM subjects, starting from math, which are traditionally considered boring and difficult (far away from reality, too formal, etc.) become more intriguing, easier to understand and finally “cool“, not only to teach but even to learn.

In particular, Redooc wants to engage girls to STEM subjects, to remove the gender stereotype that prevents the country’s development.

In the debate regarding STEM education and its future in Italy we often only concentrate on the observation of poor results of national and international tests (e.g. INVALSI, PISA, PIAAC) and on the constant loss of competitiveness of the system.
Redooc is a tangible educational proposal, made up of innovative contents and methods, made possible by technology, up to date with current times and the necessities of teens.

Redooc is the Vitamine E, like Education.