redooc verso  matematica

Redooc in 2014, starting from math

2013 has been a busy year for us in Redooc , the year that saw our birth .
We started with a hunch, an idea, involved many people to develop and shape the idea into a concrete project, we are now developing the technology and content , we are already piloting in a school and we are preparing to launch on the market.

Redooc takes shape day by day before our eyes, and of those who have already started following and sharing our adventure. The commitment of an exceptional team that grows day after day is turning a dream into reality.

When people ask me what I do in life I talk about Redooc, actually answering the question: why I do it? I focus on the “why” because I like to remember, as Whitney Johnson writes that “Where there ‘s a why, there’s a way.”

We build Redooc because it’s needed. Our kids in Italy deserve learning support worthy of one of the oldest and richest educational systems in the world, support of the highest quality, in continuous development meeting the needs of the market. Redooc is going to 2014, we want learning to be a simple task, useful, pleasant, modern, social.
We do it because education is one of the investments, if not the only real investment, to be done to exit the crisis, it’s not a luxury for those who can afford to think long term.

This crisis began in 2007, when I enrolled at university, and it is far from over. Six years have passed. The boys who soon will use Redooc in six years will be facing university or join the workforce, in an always more competitive landscape. In what we do, I see very little long term to be frank.

We see the future of our Italy in human capital, in the value of her boys and girls. To help children learn more and better, to climb the OECD PISA rankings, access the best universities of the world and make a difference in our country there is Redooc. For this reasons we are here.