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Redooc is dedicated to those “…I’m never going to use math anyway!… math is pointless”

Redooc is for teens that say:
“I’m bad at math!”
“I have no idea what this means!”
“I’m never going to use this!”

Redooc is created for all those who think: “…I’m never going to use math anyway!”, which follows and justifies “I don’t understand what math means!” … and is practically like saying “Math serves no purpose”.
How many times have we heard this being said from teenagers, but even from adults? Simply too many times. That’s it!
With Redooc everyone will finally be able to understand why math is useful.

What is math used for?
A few months ago I read a book that I strongly recommend because it is speaking in an extremely practical and informal way about the various daily cases in which math can save or even simply improve life, the subtitle says: “And Make You Rich, Help You Find The One, and Avert Catastrophes”. Until now it’s the most chosen, practical and fun manual I’ve ever encountered on this topic.

To the question “what is math used for” there are truly many answers, some with a realistic base that connects with the real world, others simply ironic and absurd. For the record, of the long list, Nico chose number 5 (zen response: “the answer is inside of you”.) Instead I (my cynical half) am not embarrassed to undoubtedly prefer number 10 (the nostalgic response: “frankly, do you truly regret the times in which Latin opened doors to the most prestigious universities?”). An irreverent preference against the admirers of classic studies, so much that my sister Alessandra, who still has not given up on my metamorphosis that occurred at the beginning of Bocconi, has given me a 1947 edition of “The introduction to mathematical philosophy” of Bertrand Russell!

The answer that I believe to be more true and realistic now, looking in to my past and probably future, was given to me by a dear friend, who does not work in a  Venture Capital Fund by chance, suggesting it like “the more convincing reason to everyone”: more studies of math, more earners, because the best students find work quicker and have higher salaries on average. This fact, translated in Italy, today, could sound like this: “With math you will never be unemployed!”

The most beautiful response, for me (my dreaming half), was given to me by a fellow peer from University, Marciano Siniscalchi, today an Economics Professor at Northwestern University in Chicago: “The most beautiful response that I’ve encountered in my career is in the manual of microeconomics of Mas- Collel, Whinston and Green: “math keeps us honest”. I loyally bring back the explanation that he gave me: “with words, we can lengthily discuss even without being able to communicate anything substantial; winning debates without presenting any plausible arguments; insinuating without exposing oneself to a counter-argument; appearing competent without even seeing real facts. Conversely, a formalized thought process using mathematical language does not consent rhetorical artifacts, or at least makes it easier to unveil them”.

And what do you think?

Try asking around… and let us know!!!