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Redooc on the blog the 27Ora of the Corriere della Sera: “Girls and Math”

Friday it has happened: for the first time Tarta went out of his den.
A post written for Redooc is on the blog the 27Ora of the Italian newspaper the Corriere della Sera

A great thrill to see published Maria Stella’s draw and Redooc’s brand as I really did not expect this! An expected emotion to think: the adventure has really began!

The discussion with Maria Stella was inspired by a letter of apology to a non-born child, that I was reading with an obsession: to find a creative way (new and useful) to support the future of Italian boys and girls.
I will not apologize for having had the privilege of being young during the years when everyone thought that nothing is impossible: you went out from University and magically got in the dinky world (dual income, no kids yet) and not in the neet (not in education, employment or training), how it happens now to the youngers. I want to use my energies, skills and experiences to take part in changing not only the present of the teenagers, but especially their future.

Redooc on the blog the 27Ora of the Corriere della Sera: “Girls and Math”. Redooc is a cultural project that radically rethinks the education in Italy, starting from teens and new ways of learning, supported by technology, but also by the desire to experiment, always thinking about what you need in life.

Why starting from math? Because Math is the basic language of everyday life. Mathematics is a tool to freely decide what to do with your present and your future: shopping, choosing home, a car, a trip and a country.
Why focusing on girls? Because, as he said Brigham Young, when you educate a boy, you educate a man. When you educate a girl, you educate a generation!