Foto di giochi di matematica

Partecipate in competitions is important but…winning is better!

“Now, what do I do?” Haven’t you asked it yourself while playing cards with your friends? You start a game, you think of a rational solution but after few trials, you just let Randomness decide. But our beloved Fortuna sometimes gives you gifts, other times simply bad scores.  Hence, why do you waste time just waiting the lucky day? Act now…You can use mathematics! Indeed a lot of games you usually play with your friends can be managed through simple math’s tricks because “Not only Mathematics is real, but is the only Reality” to be successful (Martin Gardner).

Therefore, in a game of Gin Rummy it’s thank to probability that we can decide which cards to discard or which figures to hold to stay within the 150 points. The armies of Risk are no longer simple pieces of plastic, they become numbers object of statistical formulae that let us forsee if we have enough troops to win the Kamchatka’s battle. And again, we have to thank arithmetic and algebra, if during an auction of Football Manager we are able to grab the top players, having learned how to invest wisely our fantamilions. Money we’d lose if we didn’t analyze carefully how many houses to build in Victory Park. A simple account of the least common multiple allows you to deploy the right resources in video games such as Farmville and Travian.

This are just few examples that show you the reason why Math, considered “obscure” by many, should not only be studied in order to get good grades at school, but it should be understood and used in real life too. As Plato said, “The numbers rule the world.” In the movie “21” a brilliant student of mathematics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) studies the method to win at Black Jack and cleans up a casino in Las Vegas, taking home thousands of dollars.

Back to reality, it is not a coincidence that the most talented poker players are masters of probability and calculus too. This is the case of Chris Ferguson, 4 times world champion, the son of a university professor of Statistics, PhD student in Computer Science. All these guys win because when faced with the question “Now, what do I do?” they find, almost always, the best answer possible!


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