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Happy New Year to those who think “I’m bad at math”

In 2014 Redooc, an education content provider dedicated to STEM (Science, Technology , Engineering , Math), will launch online to provide gamified education to curious children and adults, starting from mathematics.

Redooc will be innovative: in the content format ( “mathematics as no one has explained it to you” ), in technology (with an online platform to be used where, when and how you want it), and in much more that you will soon find out!

If you are one of those who have always thought “I’m bad at math”, then this 2014 is really a good year for you too!

We are working to dispel this myth that does not serve anyone, neither to the guys who think “I do not get it!” and do not even try to understand it, nor to adults, who too often do not even have the basic tools to do simple mental math, nor to the economy of the country, rich only of solitary geniuses.

We’re working to make Redooc a tool available to everyone, for the discovery of beautiful and useful mathematics, explained in a simple way, drawing from everyday reality.

The infographic is a preview – still Work in Progress – of the map of math topics that we’ll soon offer online thorough our video lessons and exercises. A sneak peek of the style Redooc!

Since nobody is born “bad at math” but grows to think he or she is… there’s a way to stop believing it: it takes a bit of perseverance, some application and a dash of imagination to figure out what to do with math in your everyday life.

Do you know someone, kid or grownup, who believes he or she’s bad at math?

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Stay tuned and keep learning!

Chiara & Nico

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Stay tuned, keep learning!