Education vs istruzione

It’s all about education

Unemployable” so we have been defined by Mr. Giovannini the Minister of Education. Needless to open up the debate to thrash out the obvious reasons for the stagnation in which we find ourselves. We ended up here for faults, in large part, of others; starting from the United States in 2007 (not) ending with Greece and Germany more recently. However, the inability to get out of it that is all Italian, all ours.

I believe it is the fault of the system that we created, we feed, and we are unable to update, the fault is of our rigid structures that oppress instead of facilitating, starting from the Government.

I see two big gaps in Italy: the lack of self-esteem and the lack of patriotism. We are a team where the smartest wins over the most competent. We are a team where the “I” comes before the “We” that is often not only second, but total absent.

The lack of self-love leads to the search of the escamotage instead of the investment in oneself. Proof is the obsession for a “posto fisso” (the fixed job) in a generation of graduates which should have been educated to market liberalism which goes: you invest in yourself (education), become scarce resource and are absorbed by the market which recognizes your value!

The lack of patriotism, which is incivility, leads to the perpetration of the system’s defect. I, who have been denied, for lack of transparency and meritocracy, the professional growth I would have deserved, do not intervene to change the status quo – stepping aside if old or helping the young and talented who deserve not to suffer the same injustices – because “this is the way Italy is!”

No surprise that in times like these we are unable to be valued on the market as individuals and to react compact as a team. The only way out is the investment in ourselves: which is education, as Ilaria Borletti pointed out in this short post on her blog.
I’d like to stress what I mean when I refer to education. There are two approaches to education: the educator approach and the instructor approach, I mean the first of the two. The educator leverage on education which comes from the latin e-ducare that means to lead out, to enhance the talent, to discover oneself in order to cultivate the distinctive features of each one of us. The instructor instead instructs which also comes from the latin, and specifically from in-struire which is to put in, inculcate, transfer from outside to inside.

Probably the right recipe lies in the correct combination of education and instruction. We should educate to break the deadlock clearly described in the post of Anna Maria Testa on her Nuovo e Utile blog. Let us help discover ourselves and our own peculiarities, and then – on this basis – let us instruct one another, on how to transfer notions that facilitate the development of those skills that transform the seed of talent in its expression, into an instrument of growth, individual as well as collective . As Bill Gates made clear: “it’s a special time for education!”


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